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10 Christmas Brownie Ideas For This Festive Season


It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, especially when it comes to discussing Christmas brownie ideas! Brownies are everyone’s favourite treat, which means in holiday season you can really push the boat out with creative Christmas brownie recipes. Since we had such great feedback from our unusual brownie flavours blog, here are some of our favourite Christmas brownie ideas which you can easily try at home.

Embrace Christmas brownie flavours

When you think about Christmas time, what smells and flavours spring to mind? Spiced clementine and clove?

Sweet cinnamon and gingerbread? Terry’s Chocolate orange and Cadbury’s Roses? The beauty about brownies is that you can try adding lots of Christmassy flavours like these:


Gingerbread brownies

Rather than making the traditional gingerbread house this Christmas, add the flavour of gingerbread to your brownie mix. You can add gingerbread pieces or ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg to your chocolate brownie recipe. Decorate with mini gingerbread men and gingerbread crumbs.

Cranberry & white chocolate brownies

Don’t relegate cranberries to cranberry sauce! Sprinkle dried cranberries into your brownie mix along with chunks of white chocolate for a tasty and ever-so pretty Christmas brownie recipe. Decorate with grated white chocolate and silver star sprinkles.

Chocolate & cinnamon brownies

Sweetly spiced cinnamon sticks are the essence of Christmas and it’s easy to enjoy the flavour in a squidgy chocolate brownie. Simply add a couple of teaspoons of ground cinnamon into your brownie mix along with a large spoon of hot chocolate powder. To intensify the cinnamon flavour, top with melted chocolate ganache and sprinkle with crumbed Biscoff biscuits. Alternatively, enjoy the cinnamon hit in our The Biscoff Big One brownies, chocolate brownies with a layer of Biscoff spread running through the middle!

Mince pie brownies

use your usual chocolate brownie recipe but sandwich mini mince pies into the middle of your mix. Leave the brownies to cool completely after cooking, then slice into squares. The mince pies will crumble into the brownie giving you a beautiful merging of two classic Christmas puds in one.

Chocolate orange brownies

using your tried and tested chocolate brownie recipe as a base, add the grated rind of one orange plus a couple of spoons of juice. Scatter some chunkily chopped Terry’ Chocolate Orange into the mix and bake. Decorate with mini Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments, grated orange rind and a dusting of icing sugar. Or try our Zest ‘n’ Zing Orange brownies with a hidden layer of marmalade and orange-loaded dark chocolate ganache!

Cadbury’s Roses brownies


For extra chocolate flavour, add Cadbury’s Roses to your brownie mix before baking. You could keep it uniform with just one flavour of sweets, or mix it up for a Christmas surprise! Or you could hide those strawberry creams that get left to the end – they work beautifully in a Christmas brownie recipe.

Use Christmas ingredients

During the Christmas holiday season, we tend to use ingredients that we don’t always see at other times of the year. That means there are even more ideas for your Christmas brownies! A fun idea is to try creating brownie liqueurs by adding shots of alcohol to your brownie recipe. Keep it simple with a glug of Baileys or go a bit ‘extra’ by creating an espresso martini brownie with a splash of vodka and coffee powder.

Nuts are another seasonal staple, so don’t hold back. Use nuts to decorate your brownies, use nut butter as a sauce or to create a nutty topping. If you need inspiration, you can order our What A Nutter brownies or Hazelnut Bomb brownies by post and they’ll be delivered straight through the letterbox.

Create Christmas brownie shapes

Who could resist a Christmas brownie Rudolph or angel during the festive period? Brownies can have different textures. Use a recipe for dense and fudgy brownies, not cakey ones that might crumble when cut. It is important to let the brownies cool completely before trying to cut them and keep the shapes simple – triangles are a sturdy structure that can be used for many creations, like these:

Christmas tree brownies

Keep the triangle shape tall and slim, decorate it with sprinkles and stars and use a candy cane as the trunk.

Rudolph the reindeer brownies

Use smaller triangle shapes to create Rudolph the reindeer heads. Invert the triangles so that the point is at the base and place a red sweet on the point for the nose. Use broken pretzels to create the antlers.

Angel brownies

Pretzels can be used to represent angel wings. Again, start with triangles, and add a yellow sweet to the point for the halo. Press the ‘pretzel wings’ into the long sides of the triangle shape an dust with icing sugar or edible silver spray.

Santa hat brownies

When the brownies are completely cool, use a round cookie cutter to cut out small circular brownie shapes. Whip up some brandy butter cream and spoon on top of the brownie pieces. Top each with a whole strawberry, pointed side up. Add a small dollop of cream to the tip of the strawberry to represent the bobble of the Santa hat.

Hopefully, this will have given you some inspiration to have a bit of fun in the kitchen over the festive period. Whether you make Christmas brownies to enjoy at home or to give to friends and colleagues as edible gifts, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the results. If you need some help on how to bake the perfect brownies, read our handy guide. We’d also love to hear about your own Christmas brownies ideas so please do share your recipes and creations with us.

No time to bake Christmas brownies?

We know Christmas can be a busy time of year, so if you haven’t got time to bake your own Christmas brownies this year, then do take a look at our selection of brownie boxes. We’ve got new Christmas-themes appearing soon, or go simply create your own selection box with our pick ‘n’ mix brownies. All brownies are made fresh to order and delivered through your letterbox.


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