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Making A Brownie Tray Bake: A Beginner's Guide


How to make a chocolate brownie tray bake

What’s not to love about a brownie tray bake? It’s everyone’s favourite treat but super-sized, which is why they’re so good for parties and events. And there’s the added bonus that they are quick and easy to make too. Read on to discover how to make the perfect brownie tray bake and why you need to try it!

What is a brownie tray bake?

A brownie traybake is basically a brownie but in a large format. Depending on the size of your traybake tin, you can double, triple or even quadruple your usual brownie recipe to make a sweet treat for the masses in one convenient cooking session. Getting the quantities right for your tin might take some trial and error so it’s really important to write down any variations you use for next time! It is also important to get a good quality tray bake tin, preferably with dividers so you can easily separate the brownie for portions.


Getting prepared to bake

As with all brownie recipes, good quality ingredients are key. Try to choose the best dark chocolate you can afford (at least 55% cocoa solids) and good quality cocoa powder. It really helps to line your traybake tin to stop the brownie from sticking – you can read more about the best way to line your brownie tin using foil or baking paper in our blog. And make sure your oven is at temperature (180°C) before you start so your cake doesn’t sink in the middle.

Tips on baking a brownie traybake

Creating a chocolate brownie isn’t difficult if you follow the right brownie recipe but to make sure you get a deliciously gooey brownie every time, read the brownie baking tips in our article. Bear in mind that if you’re using a shallow brownie baking tin for your traybake, it will cook in less time than your recipe states. Keep an eye on your bake and test it towards the end of your cooking time by sticking a skewer into the middle – to retain that gooey texture in the middle, it should come out with some sticky crumbs still attached. If the top is starting to burn then place a sheet of tinfoil loosely over the baking tin to prevent further scorching. If you don’t want a gooey or fudgy brownie however, and prefer a more cake like texture, read our guide on what makes brownies fudgy or cakey and apply those recommendations instead.

Why choose a brownie traybake?

Convenience and ease

Traybakes are the ultimate in batch cooking. By increasing the ingredient quantities of your brownie recipe, you can make dessert for everyone in one sitting.

Ideal for sharing

Easy to portion up, brownies  look great piled into towering brownie stacks for parties and celebrations. They’re also ideal to take to bake sales and potluck suppers.

Room for creativity

With a larger surface area to play with you can let your creative juices flow! Sprinkles, chocolate chips, peanut butter swirls or decadent chocolate ganache, you can decorate it how you like. For inspiration, take a look at some of our creations at Indulge Brownies or read our article on brownie flavour ideas to try at home.

brownie-tray-bake-open-box-with-baking-parchmentIt’s child’s play

A brownie tray bake is ideal for getting children interested in baking. The recipe is simple to follow and children can use their imagination to add their favourite flavours and toppings. Get some inspiration for something fun from our unusual brownie flavours article.

Makes a thoughtful gift

A chocolate brownie tray bake makes a lovely, thoughtful gift, whether it’s for a host, a thank you or a new home present. Tray bakes are easy to cut into uniform pieces that can be packaged up in a pretty gift box or tin.

Traybakes are the ultimate in ease and efficiency but if you still haven’t time to make your own, you could choose our home-delivery brownie gift boxes. Our Pick ‘n’ Mix option allows you to choose six brownies to pop into a luxury gift box, designed to be delivered through the letterbox!


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