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  • Black Forest Blast Brownies

    A true after-dinner taste sensation, with chocolatey-cherry goodness blasting out of every indulgent layer.

    We’ve plumped every freshly-baked Black Forest Blast brownie with juicy black cherries - ready to burst in your mouth - and stirred in a sweet kirsch kick, for that unforgettable Black Forest flavour.

    We’ve  gone in heavy and thick with the dark chocolate ganache topping, too, sprinkling milk chocolate vermicelli on top for a little flaky fun that’ll stick to your lips. To us, it’s a black forest gateau/brownie mash-up.

    To others, it’s retro chocolate heaven.

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    Black Forest Blast Brownies

    6 X Black Forest Blast

  • Bees Knees Honeycomb Crunch Brownies

    We’re buzzin’ about how much chewy, golden honeycomb we’ve stuffed into this un-bee-lievably fudgy brownie.

    It’s loaded with chocolate-covered honeycomb chunks that explode in a riot of sticky sweetness on every bite.

    Crunch your way through the thick honeycomb and milk chocolate topping first, without wasting a crumb.

    Then let our deliciously soft, dark chocolate brownie melt in your mouth, like honey in the sun.

    Bees knees is no exaggeration, trust us.

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    Bees Knees Honeycomb Crunch Brownies

    6 X Bees Knees Honeycomb Crunch

  • The Biscoff Big One Brownies

    When it comes to Biscoff, we go large!

    We’ve crumbled buttery, caramelised Biscoff biscuits onto these delicious freshly baked dark chocolate brownies.

    So you get a force-ten hit of the unique cinnamon flavour that’s made these little Lotus biscuits world famous.

    But we haven’t stopped there. Inside every super-moist brownie we’ve sunk a rich layer of Biscoff caramel spread - because when was that ever a bad idea?

    And your taste buds will know when they’ve struck our Biscoff gold by the spicy-sweet thrill that causes you to shout out loud,

    ‘Get me another, now!’.

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    The Biscoff Big One Brownies

    6 X The Biscoff Big One

  • Keep it Classic Brownies

    Welcome to one of our greatest hits: the original dark chocolate brownie fresh and phenomenal and thick-cut in the Indulge Kitchen.

    This is where sweet dreams start with our secret brownie recipe that we’ve made extra-chocolatey to keep you licking your lips well after it’s been devoured.

    Yes, it’s buttery.

    Yes, it’s smooth.

    Yes, it’s melt-in-the-middle gooey.

    And yes, the taste will send you weak at the knees.

    Sometimes only classic will do, right?

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    Keep it Classic Brownies

    6 X Keep it Classic

  • Pistachio-oh-oh-oh Brownies

    Nutty, creamy, delicious pistachio - oh, oh, oh, how we love you.

    That’s why we’ve stirred so many whole pistachio nuts into this yummy freshly baked dark chocolate brownie.

    Your first mouthful is unforgettable: the gooey brownie is so soft and moist, then you get the sweet crunch of pistachio, with its light, fresh flavour.

    One bite after another, it just gets better and better.

    Then, for a final nutty flurry, we’ve heaped golden-green toasted pistachios nibs on top of every single brownie square.

    Covering the brownie topped with chocolate ganache with edge-to-edge crunch.

    Oh, oh, oh yes we really did. You’re welcome.

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    Pistachio-oh-oh-oh Brownies

    6 X Pistachio-oh-oh-oh

  • Zest ‘n’ Zing Orange Brownies

    Get set for a full-voltage zap of orange sweetness as you take on this fruity tour de force.

    Use your fingers, or a fork, to break through the rich orange-loaded dark chocolate ganache, picking off the candied citrus pieces as you go.

    Then sink into the soft chocolate brownie mix that we’ve carefully baked to keep super-rich and moist.

    As you taste the sticky thunderbolt of marmalade (that we’ve hidden as an extra zesty surprise) don’t worry if you let out an involuntary, ‘mmmm’.

    Even Paddington bear couldn’t restrain himself around marmalade.

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    Zest ‘n’ Zing Orange Brownies

    6 X Zest ‘n’ Zing Orange

  • Caramel Cloud 9 Brownies

    If paradise is caramel-flavoured then we have found it - or made it, in fact.

    Never shy when it comes to ingredients, we’ve maxed out on caramel for this bake so you will be sent straight to chocolate heaven (no staircase needed).

    In fact, we’ve pumped so much golden-brown caramel into this tasty dark chocolate brownie that we give you our full permission to lick your fingers as many times as is necessary.

    Oh, and because we’re no angels, we’ve also heaped in a sinful amount of milk chocolate, too.

    Bliss in one bite.

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    Caramel Cloud 9 Brownies

    6 X Caramel Cloud 9

  • Billionaire's Row Brownies

    Sink your teeth into three decadent rows of chocolate gold.

    First, a thick-cut dark chocolate brownie, freshly-baked to our special recipe, and loaded with milk and white chocolate chips for fabulous extra-crunch.

    Next, we’ve covered it with a creamy caramel layer that’s sexier than a super-yacht to give you a sweet kick that’ll be hard to forget.

    Finally, the upper crust: a silky dark chocolate ganache with the irresistible pulling power of Mr. Darcy.

    Yes, it’s straight onto the Rich List for this deluxe little masterpiece.

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    Billionaire’s Row Brownies

    6 X Billionaire's Row

  • Sea-Salted Caramel Brownies

    Say ‘ahoy’ to everyone’s favourite sweet and salty combo!

    For our unique creation, we’ve sunk sensual salted caramel chunks within one of our fabulous dark chocolate brownies, buried like treasure.

    Then we’ve flecked every crispy, crumbly titanic brownie portion with Cornish sea salt.

    In a single bite, you get wonderful waves of buttery caramel followed by a salty rush, which not only satisfies your savoury side, but also intensifies the sweet caramel taste.

    Buoy, it’s good.

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    Sea-Salted Caramel Brownies

    6 X Sea-Salted Caramel


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Frequently asked questions

    • How much notice do I need to give to place an order?

      Every single one of our brownie boxes are made fresh following receipt of your order.

      Brownie box orders made by midnight can be delivered to your door in 3 days dependant on your date of ordering (e.g. order placed by midnight on a Monday means that your order can be with you the earliest on Thursday).  Please note that Sundays and days which go over Bank Holidays will likely be subject to an additional day.

      This is the earliest we can deliver however our helpful calendar will allow you to select available delivery days so that we can get brownies boxes delivered to your door when you want them.

    • How long will my brownies stay fresh for?

      Our brownie boxes are made fresh to order.

      We do recommend that you eat your brownies within 4 days of delivery for them to be at their yummiest, however our brownies can still be delicious for up to 2 weeks!

      The brownies are best kept at room temperature and we recommend you keeping them in an air-tight container. We do not recommend you freezing the brownies as we feel this can affect the quality. We want you to indulge in our decadently delicious brownie boxes when they are fresh.

    • What happens if I need to amend an order?

      Please contact us as soon as possible and we will see what we can do. Please note that as every brownie boxes order delivered to your door is bespoke and made fresh, if we have already started production we may be unable to amend.

    • Do you offer discounts?

      We have regular offers for brownie boxes which run for limited time periods which you should be able to see on our website or on our social media pages.

      Please keep an eye out for the pops ups and your emails if you have signed up to E-Bites so you don’t miss out on any special offers, you can sign up to E-bites here.

    • How is my order delivered?

      All of our brownie boxes are posted out to you using the Royal Mail 1st Class delivery service. We use the Royal Mail 1st class delivery service so that you don’t need to be in to sign or wait to open the door for a parcel, your order is put straight through your letterbox along with your post waiting for you to arrive home – don’t worry they are packaged carefully to keep your brownies safe!

      Please note however, if you are ordering for a special occasion we recommend choosing a day earlier, as Royal Mail 1st Class isn’t guaranteed and we like to think it’s better for a gift to be early rather than late 🙂

    • Allergens and dietary information

      All information is at the click of a button for each flavour, please see the ‘ingredients’ tab on each product page, and for pick ‘n’ mix brownies please click ‘Description & Ingredients’ for each brownies flavour.

      Please note that our brownie boxes are made in a bakery where all allergens are present, therefore may not be suitable for those with severe allergies.

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